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One Subscription for all Your Shariah Compliant
Trading and Investments

Connect Your Broker

Just connect your existing broker with Islamicly (with your existing user name and password). We will auto import your stock holdings. Once connected, you can start trading! No need to open a new broker account!

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Holdings Compliance

We will auto monitor your holdings and alert you when stocks change compliance. We will as well tell you your cut off dates by when you need to clear Your positions. It's that simple!

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Shariah Compliance Investing

Go ahead - Just search for your stock to invest in, instantly find its compliance and invest through Islamicly APP itself! 32+ global brokers are connected so that you don't have to open a new broker account!

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Track your Investments

Auto Track your Stock Holdings for Shariah compliance changes, Dividend and Capital Purification - all at one place! Now Trade with Islamicly with the peace of mind that all your Stock investments are Shariah compliant.

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Islamicly Web for Pro Traders

Powerful trading in Shariah Equities made simple

Multi-action dashboard with 27 customisable widgets

All the power packed Shariah compliance information on your desktop

A more elaborate view of your holdings

How Islamicly has helped Ethical Finance Users Globally?


Islamicly is backed by the most renowned Shariah scholars who are the utmost authority on Shariah compliance and are acknowledged industry wide as pioneers of this space. Our Scholars are also part of the AAOIFI Shariah Board as well as many leading Islamic institutions globally.


The platform's Shariah screening process is relied upon by over 0+ leading institutions and more than 0+ individuals for 0+ years. Billions of Dollars of Islamic Investments linked to our Robust Shariah Research.


Islamicly allows investors to access investment opportunities in over 0+ countries through a network of more than 30 leading stock brokers worldwide.


Islamicly offers institutional-grade Shariah advisory services, providing investors with guidance on making Sharia-compliant investment decisions.

Shariah Compliant Trading Certified by Leading Shariah Scholars

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